Monday, 16 June 2014

Learn Solar System

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Learn about Solar System with simple clicks.
Travel through the entire solar system & learn about each planet with intuitive & attractive User Interface design.
Learn about meaning, gravity, no of moons, atmosphere of each planet.
App specially designed for young learners.

Learn Solar System - screenshot thumbnail         Learn Solar System - screenshot thumbnail

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Paint App 4 Kids

PaintApp4Kids is a simple yet fantastic way to bring out the Picasso in your child. Using this Paint App, one can color the preset images given in the app. You may use different colors to paint the image and try which color combination suits the best. What’s more, you may also save your artistic creations at the click of a button! Use this app to bring the best out of your creativity!
1.Simple to play for kids
2.Easy intuitive GUI
3.Easy to learn
Paint App 4 Kids - screenshot thumbnail

Paint App 4 Kids - screenshot

Let's start painting.
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Kids Math Game

Make the subject most dreaded by kids fun for them. With our Kids Math Game app, your child can learn the basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Your child can enjoy the game and learn the vital subject of math at the same time. With our Kids Math Game app, your kid shall love learning the subject of math, which is required in every walk of life. Enjoy playing the game, young upcoming mathematicians!
Features :
1. Simple to learn
2. Simple GUI
3. Lesser ads
Kids Math Game - screenshot thumbnail

Kids Math Game - screenshot

So make learning math easy and fun for your children.
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True or False

You think your general knowledge is good? Come, get a reality check. Our True False App will ask you questions about your general knowledge. You just need to tell whether the given statement is true or false. Hope that you live upto your own expectations. All the best!

True Or False - screenshot thumbnail

True Or False - screenshot

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Tour Mumbai

Wish to visit the city of dreams? Tour Mumbai app gives you information about all the tourist places in Mumbai at a glance. What’s more? Tour Mumbai app categorises these various tourist places according to their specialty. Choose from various categories such as Monuments, Sea side, Religion, Arts and more.

Tour Mumbai - screenshot thumbnailTour Mumbai - screenshot thumbnailTour Mumbai - screenshot thumbnail

We hope that you like the app.

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