Saturday, 9 February 2013

Fun With Colors

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Fun With Colors

The App is specially designed for kids to learn different color in a much more interesting and interactive way.

The app is simple enough for young children to explore and learn colors, to go beyond realism and to expand the limits of their imagination.

One can learn the categories of color and different color shades.

Simple to use and kids friendly.

The application is designed to run most of the android devices (phones and tablet) and different OS version.

App Features

  • Learn Different colors shades and their categories to which they belong

  • Mix all different colors and find their resultant color.

  • Make more than 1.6 million colors using our “RGB Color Mixer” and also get the composed RGB color value.

  • Multiple screen size support.

  • Move to SD Feature

App Screen Shots

Learn Color

Make Color

RGB Color Mixer

Multiple Screen Size Support