Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fun n Learn For kids

Fun’n Learn

In today's fast and competitive world, everyone likes their kids to be smarter and learn faster. To help in this quest of the parents, we are presenting our app- Fun' n Learn. Fun n' Learn shall help your kids learn alphabets and numbers in an entertaining way. Read on to find more about this app.

Fun’n Learn is a smart and fun way for your kids to learn. This game has 2 modes- Alphabet & Numbers. In Alphabet mode, a letter shall be displayed on the screen. It has to be matched with a suitable picture below (Eg.: A for Apple). The letters shall be displayed from A to Z in an orderly fashion. In Numbers mode, a number shall be displayed on the upper part of a screen in numeric format. It should be matched with the appropriate word beneath (Eg: 1 - one). Numbers from one to ten shall appear on the screen. If the user selects a wrong match, the device shall vibrate indicating the error. If the match is perfect, the next letter or number appears on the screen. Based on the number of attempts taken for each pair to be matched, the results are evaluated. Based on these results, an appropriate grade is awarded to the user. This grade shall prove helpful to you to track the progress of your child.

App Features in a flash:

  • Alphabet & Numbers mode
  • Interactive way to learn
  • Variety of pictures including animals and fruits
  • Fun way to learn for kids
  • Auto adjusts to your screen size.

For better understanding this app, you may also watch the following video tutorial.

We hope that you have liked our app. To download the app, look no further. Below is the link to our app on Google Play.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Memory Game For Free

Everyone long for a good memory, and there's nothing like it if you can have fun and improve your memory at the same time! Though this game is specially designed for kids, it may be played by people of all ages. Research has proved that playing puzzles and memory games enhances your memory at any age.

The game is simple and delightful. There are two modes in the game: Normal Play & Time Challenge. The method for playing the game in both modes is fundamentally the same. Just flip over the cards and match similar pairs. If you click two dissimilar cards, both of them shall flip back. You score 500 points for each pair that you match. In addition, there is an ‘Attempt Bonus’ for matching the pairs in lesser attempts. It decreases as your number of attempts increase. The ‘Time Challenge’ mode activates a stopwatch. You must match all the pairs before the timer turns zero. This mode improves your memory as well as agility. This mode has a ‘Time Bonus’ in addition to Attempt Bonus. Time Bonus rewards you depending on how quickly you win the game. You get more Time Bonus for completing the game quickly. The high scores that you make are automatically stored in the High Score table. The High Score table also displays the cumulative high scores in each mode. You can access the High Score table from the main menu to keep track of your progress. Try to score more each time and break your own records!

The game has 9 difficulty levels with the difficulty gradually increasing as you progress. After you select your desired playing mode, you can also select your desired level of difficulty. Level 1 is the simplest with just 4 cards, while Level 9 is the most difficult with 28 cards. Following are the details of number of cards for each level:

Level            Number of cards
    1                          4
    2                          6
    3                          8
    4                          10
    5                          12
    6                          16
    7                          20
    8                          24
    9                          28

On winning a game, the above left screen is displayed. It gives the user two options: Play the same level again & Go to Main menu. To quit an ongoing game, you may press the back key. To avoid accidentally quitting the game, a prompt is displayed on pressing the back key to confirm that the user really wants to quit that level.

App Features In a Nutshell
  • Normal Play Mode
  • Time Challenge Mode
  • 9 Difficulty Levels
  • Variety of images for easy identification
  • High Score Table
  • Easy to use & learn
  • Auto adjusts to your screen size

We hope that you like our addictive new game. Have fun & have a "Memorable" day! Happy Playing!

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